FRINGE Creatives was founded in 2014 by Teri Navajo, a local artist in Tampa, Florida.

OUR MISSION is to build an art filled community, enhancing public spaces with locally crafted goods and artwork to create a community centered around culture. We host monthly artists markets at various locations, offering a place for vendors to pop-up and sell their items. We also host gallery style exhibits in some of the best social hangouts (that means there is usually craft beer involved!) throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg.

OUR FOUNDER is a native to the Tampa area and aims to make her birthplace as colorful as possible! Teri Navajo is an abstract artist with a quirky, whimsical approach to art (and life). Her art is often inspired by the sea and the monsters that swim beneath the waves. In a past life, Teri was an art therapy instructor and assisted in teaching art to children with special needs. Today she continues to teach art classes in the form of pop ups or private lessons. Her classroom style is more free form (some also call this style "intuitive painting"), She learned a lot from the children she once taught and decided letting art make you "feel" was a better approach than focusing solely on technique and structure .


Art is meant to express and release, to be fun... we don't get too caught up in the structure or formulas... we just paint and let our work evolve with us.

You may be familiar with Teri's work. She was an EMERGING ARTIST in the 46th Annual Gasparillia Festival of the Arts, a yearly event that hosts nearly 500 (only 15 are awarded the title "emerging artist") artists, selected from over 2,000 applications worldwide. Teri has also displayed her work at the Tampa Museum of Art during, Pride and Passion, 2016 and has appeared as an expert in the local arts community on 88.5 WMNF's, radio program Art in Your Ear.

Slide over to time marker 6:24 to meet Teri or just watch the entire video by FIVE STUDIOS to be inspired by a group of amazing artists.


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