STUDIO WORKSHOP: Art Journals at the Tampa Museum of Art

I am so excited to bring you this Art Journal Studio Workshop. I am partnering with the Tampa Museum of Art and together, we are hosting a fun - hands on studio workshop that will allow artists to create an art journal.

Join me on July 30th, Aug. 6th + Aug 13th 1-4p, in the @TMA Golding-Scher Classroom.
Sign up here for a spot!

Welcoming some much needed changes.

from Insta @marinatroian_

We spent a few days away from work and it was magical! A much needed recharge after the last two years of 24/7 working to get FRINGE off of the ground. I can't tell you how many holidays, gatherings and events we missed out on because we were working hard. We still have some growing to do, however we are comfortable in this current position after some much needed R&R - so we are going to stay here for a while.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the lovely artists that we work with. You have no idea how much we appreciate those of you who deliver work on time, who send us information about your artwork in advance so that we can make tags, who wire their work and who know that installation and pick up dates need to be a well oiled machine in order for us to do our job properly.

Things will be changing at FRINGE. We are moving to a more subscription based platform and will be very limited and selective on who we add in "a la carte" style moving forward. It's just been too many favors, too many hang my work a second, third, fourth time due to laziness... FRINGE is a creative agency, not a babysitter service and each time we rehang a show because someone didn't do their part to turn in their artwork on time or wire it correctly, we eat that cost.

Moving forward, we will be changing our policies and being a lot more strict and we hope that it can be understood that sometimes we have to do what is best for our business over whats convenient for one person.

XO - Teri

Closed for the weekend

We will be out of the office all weekend! Yea baby!

Feel free to continue to apply for events and send us emails, we will be back to work on Monday 7/17 and will be replying to messages.

Monday, July 17th will also introduce our new office schedule. We are working to streamline processes so beginning on 7/17 you can find us in the office on Mondays and Fridays to answer emails and send out contracts for shows and markets.

You are always welcome to email us 24/7, however our time in front of the computer will be designated to Mondays and Fridays only.

Have an awesome weekend!
XO Teri

Fall / Winter 2017 Market Schedule

Hello lovely makers and artists!

The new Fall/Winter Fringe Market Schedule is live and we are excited to host you in cooler temps! We are so proud of all of you that braved the blistering heat this Summer.


September 1st - Brew Bus Brewing, 5-10pm
September 8th - 81Bay Brewing, 5-10pm
September 9th - Urban Deli + Drafts, 5-9pm

October 6th - Brew Bus Brewing, 5-10pm
October 13th - 81Bay Brewing, 5-10pm
October 14th - Urban Deli + Drafts, 5 - 9pm

November 3rd - Brew Bus Brewing, 5-10pm
November 10th - 81Bay Brewing, 5-10pm
November 11th - Urban Deli + Drafts, 5-9pm

December 1st - Brew Bus Brewing, 5-10pm
December 8th - 81Bay Brewing, 5-10pm
December 9th - Urban Deli + Drafts, 5-9pm

We are looking forward to chilly days and local goods at our favorite breweries and craft beer establishments. We are currently accepting vendor applications for the August + September markets. For a breakdown on the vendor fees and set up options, please visit THIS PAGE.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments thread below for a prompt reply.

Solo Show - Carmen Rosa at Cigar City Brewing

Currently on exhibit through September 1st,  guests of Cigar City Brewing will become enchanted by the dark story telling of Carmen Rosa. The collection is available for viewing during regular tasting room hours in the Krausen Parlor, a semi-private event space located within the main tasting room. During the exhibit, the Krausen Parlor is open to the public and guests are encouraged to view the space.

While an official "opening reception" is not on the schedule, fans of this collected can visit the brewery on Sunday, July 23rd beginning at 6pm for a casual Meet the Artist experience. Guests who decide to drop by will enjoy a flavorful assortment of locally brewed craft beers on draft (order at the bar) as well as Cigar City's schedule food truck option for meals (order at the food truck).

"I've always loved to draw and sketch and I find myself very often transfixed for hours over a drawing. I love experimenting with charcoal, pen, ink, watercolor, copic markers and acrylic paints." said Rosa regarding her art.

Carmen Rosa was born in Puerto Rico in 1977. Raised with a father in the military she spent much of her young life moving throughout the different bases in the US and Germany. Her travels eventually landed her in Florida where she resides with her husband and children. She is a self taught mixed media artist/illustrator. She was influenced at a young age through her exploration of the many castles, cathedrals and ruins in the german countryside, and through her love for fantasy, science fiction and anime films. Some of her favorite art styles include pop surrealism, macabre, comic book art and art nouveau.

7/9/2017 - 9/1/2017

Meet the Artist:
July 23rd, 2017 @ 6 pm
Facebook: @CarmenRosaArt

Why You Should Subscribe to FRINGE Creatives

a guest post by Kara Voorhees Reynolds

The American life has essentially become a series of accepting and enduring hidden or unexpected fees. When you check out at a hotel, have you ever noticed the exorbitant state tax in some parts of this country? We have all looked our cable bill with surprise and subsequent loathing. And sometimes, you find that shipping and handling is nearly the amount of the item you are purchasing. Studies show that the average American adult pays nearly one thousand dollars each year in extra fees.

Now apply that reality to your artwork. Art costs the artist. We pay for it in time as well as money. If you have a full time job, you have a few, precious pockets of spare time to create. Then there is the price of materials. Art supplies are not cheap. And as an artist, you know the feeling of upgrading to a higher quality medium, better canvas, better brush, better ink. Hard to go back to a lesser brand, right? Before you even step into a coffee shop to ask if they show local art or spend the time researching them and composing an email inquiry, you have invested.

Secondly, once you complete a piece, you want it to be seen! If, like me, you are a local artist in the Tampa Bay Area and you want your pieces to be shown, you have made that effort to network and connect with people and businesses and events that will show it. That takes a tremendous amount of time. And like the old adage tells us, time is money. I have spent much energy, numerous evenings and many gallons of gasoline, ‘selling’ my art. I have called and emailed and investigated. I will drive anywhere within thirty to forty miles just to meet with someone about showing my work. Think about the number of hours you have spent looking for a method to exhibit your work. Now imagine not having to do any of that, no research, no phone calls, no visits, no follow up emails. Imagine taking that time and using it to draw, paint, sculpt and construct. Your calendar really opens up, doesn’t it? FRINGE Creatives does all of this for the artist. The only obligation you have is to subscribe.

Since utilizing the wonderful service that FRINGE Creatives offers, I am creating more than ever. With access to 20+ venues, my subscription guarantees my entry into dozens of shows throughout the year. I do not have to concern myself with hunting down locations and making connections.

In summary, subscribing to FRINGE Creatives (artist subscription services) frees up your personal time to create more and thus, have more to show and more opportunities to sell. It pays to subscribe.


We would LOVE to review your work. Shoot us an email with a few samples of your work. Pricing can be found here: FRINGE BENEFITS PRICING

Artists in our monthly subscription program will be required to sign a contract as well as agree to monthly payments set up via credit card.
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